Stiff & Stilted are a bunch of 'Scouting' people who are talented in Stilt Walking. We meet up informally and are involved in Scouting in several different areas. The majority of us are part of Solihull County Gang Show Fellowship and are based here in Solihull.

The Stiff & Stilted Award

We are pleased to award one of our neckers to every Under 18 camper who manages, over the camp, to learn to walk unaided on our 6 Foot high stilts. Please don't worry we do offer some support. We have over the years presented more than 200 Neckers all made individually by 'Andy the Stilts' go on, give it a go!

We try to enjoy all that we do with our stilts, we 'Perform' at Gilwell Park and try to do a fortnight Camping at some form of 'International Camp' every year. You might spot us about in our distinctive Necker's.

Our Stilts

We use all sorts of stilts! in fact we are 'Mad about them'. We train on 'Dura's [these are the ones that builders use so you can stand still on them] We perform on Single pole stilts, both home made and imported from France! We have also got hooked on the 'Jumping Stilts' or Bokers so we also perform on these. These are not for the faint hearted but are great fun.