The Team

Andy The Stilts

He is the 'Grandad' of the team and uses his age as an excuse for not doing the more energetic stuff.

Stiffy Bear

Stiffy is our team Mascot and has attended all of our camps and activities, He also has 2 cousins Semi-Stiffy, and Safe-stiffy.

Mr T

Mr T is the Magician in the team one of the Team Leaders he is very experienced, (So he tells us).

The Captain, or Captain Wendle

He is the Medic and first aid Maestro He however has the reputation of dropping the odd thing! hence the Phrase 'a Wendalism'.


One of the slightly off the wall members of the team. Please note that his head shape and hair colour have nothing to do with him being called Beaker!.


Well its the hats that do it.


Casper is our Ground support specialist, he has gained his name and reputation purely by the liberal application of Sun Cream applied at regular intervals.


Our out of Town Member who does his Scouting in Bolton.


One of the Old stagers, with a long pedigree of stiltwalking and also sailing round the world Just to be different.

Matty J

The quiet one in the team and a recent convert. Managed to damage himself on his first outing!


Nubbin joined us at the World Scout Jamboree and also at Reunion, as well as the Sports relief challenge. A real great guy but makes us lot all feel very old.


A Brother who has gained his stripes with us at Sports Relief in Manchester and at Gilwell.

Little J

Another Brother who also gained his stripes with us at Sports Relief.

Support Team


Paulo is our official Brazilian representative, and Chairman StiffandStilted Brazil.

The Big R

Rosemary is a key player with the team as she virtually single handed makes all the superb costumes for us to play in.

Rainbow Dave

Michelle is a world record holder on stilts as she has recently completed the London marathon on stilts and she retains the record as the First person to do a marathon on stilts, listed in the book forever!